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Our shelters are constructed with high-strength reinforced concrete in a vault design, providing superior protection against radiation, explosions, and bullets. We also offer customizable options for additional features such as power generators, decontamination locks, and more. By utilizing international standards and high-quality shelter elements, our safehouses meet the highest standards of protection at a reasonable price. Explore our technology and discover the peace of mind that comes with our safehouses.

Technology Schutzraum konzept

Description of Basic-S1

  • Shelter body made of high-strength reinforced concrete, wall thickness between 150-300mm.
  • Earth cover of at least 100cm.
  • Shelter door from the Finnish specialist company Temet, armored steel, loadable up to 2 bar.
  • Access staircase made of hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • Access hatch with gas spring support to the easy opening, ground level.
  • Shelter ventilation according to Swiss standards, ABC protection.
  • Fuse box for electrical connections, air pressure and CO2 measuring device.
  • Emergency exit with shelter hatch from the Finnish specialist company Temet, armored steel, loadable up to 2 bar.
  • Emergency exit Ladder, steel, hot-dip galvanized.
  • Access hatch emergency exit, ground floor.
  • Can be ordered with furniture (optional).
  • Floor covering of your choice, eg laminate, walls painted on the inside of your choice or provided with lime plaster.


The concrete modules are made in Estonia. All the neccessary components like doors and locks are integrated into the constructional elements of the modules in the building process.


The concrete prefabricated modules are discretely transported to your location and installation on site only takes 1-2 days.


The safehouse is not for one time last-resort usage.
It is meant as a part of the house that is safer but still has all the luxuries for a comfortable everyday life. We offer 10-year warranty for the constructional elements and 5-years of warranty for the technical elements.