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How to use a bomb shelter in peacetime?

How to use a bomb shelter in peacetime?

How can I use a shelter in peacetime?

Shelters are, of course, primarily designed and built to protect lives in a disaster scenario. Nevertheless, shelters are full-fledged spaces that are a useful and practical addition to domestic space also in times of peace. We want to explain this in the following text.

How are our shelters set up?

Our bunkers consist of modular precast concrete elements, which are assembled underground, very stable and durable, as well as moisture-resistant room units. Access can be made via a private staircase, or it is also possible to connect to the house without any problems. The smallest shelter variant offers a usable room area of about 9-10m2, larger room variants are easily possible due to the modular design.

The use in peacetime

Of course, the shelter structure can also be used for other purposes in peacetime. In the event of a disaster, the full use of the shelter would simply be restored with a short conversion phase. The example of Switzerland is a good example of how versatile bunkers or shelters can be used for everyday life. Of course, the subterranean shelters have advantages due to their design, which is quite desirable in terms of their intended use. In the following, we would like to offer a few examples and inspirations.

Use to store food, cheese, meat, or wine

Due to the underground arrangement of the shelters and the lime paint used inside, these rooms have the quality of classic earth or wine cellars: permanently moderate and cool room temperatures and low humidity, perfect for storing food or wine.

Use as a hobby, fitness, workshop, or cinema room

Of course, the use of the room for hobby purposes such as fitness, workshop, or even as a cinema room is possible without any problems. Anything that may be a little louder, be it the drill or practicing the drums, is in good hands in an underground room without disturbing the family or neighbors.

Use as an earth sauna

In principle, our shelters are set up like classic underground cellars. They can also be used as sauna rooms without any problems with appropriate installations. In this case, care should only be taken to ensure that the appropriate fixtures can be removed again in a reasonable time for use in an emergency.

Use as a safe or storage

Due to the underground arrangement and the very robust construction, our bunkers are of course also ideally suited as walk-in safes or storage facilities. Due to the strong walls and doors, it is possible to protect the stored goods from unauthorized access as well as to protect them from accidents or fires.


The possibilities for peacetime use of bunkers or shelters are unlimited. And if the room is only needed as an additional storage room for skis or bicycles, or is simply constantly kept in disaster readiness – the shelters offer a useful addition to the domestic space and can be used daily if necessary. As such, due to their long lifespan, they still offer an interesting increase in the value of your home in 50 years and more.