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What does it cost to own a bomb shelter?

What does it cost to own a bomb shelter?

There is a saying that you can not put a price on safety. Well, we may say otherwise. Our standard and custom solutions will bring safety and peace of mind even in the most extreme cases.

Safety is a priority that we all hold dear. In this uncertain world, being prepared for emergencies is crucial. Bomb shelters, once seen as an extreme precaution, are now becoming a practical choice for individuals and families looking to ensure their safety in the most extreme scenarios. In this article, we’ll explore the cost considerations and various options available for owning a bomb shelter, along with some innovative ideas to maximize its utility.

As for our example, you can get a decent, professionally made, and well-designed bomb shelter – Bunker S1 for the price of 74 000€ + VAT. There are some transport and installation costs that will be added depending on the location and specifications of the installation. Also furnishing according to wishes, backup supplies of food, safety gear and all necessary will be added accordingly. In general, having an underground modular home or a bunker in many cases will even be cheaper than a regular modular house options. In some cases, even the transport will be easier thanks to the modularity of the module that can be transported separately

On the opposite, it is always an option to go bigger and have an underground house/ bunker up to sizes of 200+ m2 as well. Prices for this can be easily calculated by us depending on the number of modules and their interior options.

In terms of running costs, there really is no extra running costs for a bunker. If you keep it as a secondary unit that is planned to be used only in cases of emergency then only minimal ventilation is required. This ensures that the room has constant fresh air and that no moisture will build up. Of course, depending on the stock kept inside – regular check-ups in needed.

When using the bunker as an everyday part of the house or an addition to a home then regular living cost-related expenses will be added. In this case, in most examples, these costs are much lower than regular living space expenses thanks to geothermal heating and cooling and the lack of regular exterior maintenance because everything is one, well-protected pod.

One idea to even further minimize the costs of a bunker is to install solar panels on top of the installation site. Because everything is underground then that leaves valuable land free to use as a solar park. It will also work as a disguise to hide the bunker entrances and keep it a secret.

In conclusion, owning a bomb shelter is a substantial investment in safety and peace of mind. While the initial costs can vary, the long-term benefits, especially in the face of unforeseen emergencies, are immeasurable. Whether you choose a standard shelter or opt for a custom solution, the decision to invest in safety is a wise one. With thoughtful planning, furnishing, and innovative additions, your bomb shelter can become a versatile asset that ensures your well-being in even the most extreme circumstances.

And if everything goes well then at least you have an extra space ready to use as a wine cellar, gym, movie room, mancave, or a guest bedroom.