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The Anderson Shelter – how a simple private bunker saved thousands of people’s lives


In the first half of the 20th century, an important development significantly changed warfare: the beginning of aviation. Military strategists and planners quickly recognized the potential of aircraft in military conflicts. Airplanes were already used as weapons in the First World War, but at that time the options for air attacks were still very limited, […]

What does it cost to own a bomb shelter?


There is a saying that you can not put a price on safety. Well, we may say otherwise. Our standard and custom solutions will bring safety and peace of mind even in the most extreme cases. Safety is a priority that we all hold dear. In this uncertain world, being prepared for emergencies is crucial. […]

Why Are Bomb Shelters Still Relevant Today?


In recent decades, bomb shelters or protective bunkers have often been viewed as relics of a grim past, a time when conflicts and wars shaped the lives of generations. But the question remains: Why are bomb shelters still relevant in today’s world? The History of Bomb Shelters The concept of protective shelters is as old […]